The Hard Facts About the Penis!

Excerpt #1 Introduction:

“A Stiff Look at the Little Critter!”

The penis was created to assist woman in making children. Not just as a biological tool to make Whoopee!

But the stiff little thingy constantly gets caught off track or should I say derailed chasing tail.

You see, it can just rise up without warning in many people. Causing the carrier to go after many people. And if the penis is used with the wrong person, it can be bad. You can get a disease or worse yet, “LOL , Go to Hell!”

(Cute Judy Lee…)

To be continued …………

Published by judybarbera

People Person: my name is Judy Barbera. I am retired from selling. I have two daughters and two wonderful grandsons. I have a walking problem. I love my husband.

6 thoughts on “The Hard Facts About the Penis!

  1. Mom you are too cute and so funny!!!!!! You are a real life Dr Ruth!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your funny words of wisdom!!!! πŸ™‚

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