Pure Living Is Loving People In My Life!

Pure Living is decency … I love to live in a decent way … Pure Living is honesty … I love to be decent in an honest way … Pure living is helping others … I love to be honest and helpful to others in a decent way … Yes! Pure living is loving peopleContinue reading “Pure Living Is Loving People In My Life!”

Faith is the True Meaning of My Life!

Faith in Jesus Christ is the true meaning of my life! Life is full of many trails and tribulations. But we need to be filled with a great amount of love and joy to truly survive! It takes much strength and faith to get through life. Having joy in our hearts and much strength keepsContinue reading “Faith is the True Meaning of My Life!”

Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

Amy Barbera: Happy, Happy, Happy 15th Birthday To My Awesome Nephew Sebastian! ðŸŽ‚🎉💙 I Can’t Believe He Is All Grown Up Now! ðŸ˜€ He Is Such An Amazing Young Man…. With A Heart Of Gold… He Cares About The World, Helping People & Animals, He Is Super Smart, An Amazing & Creative Artist, He Is Kind, Compassionate &Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Sebastian!”