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The Hard Facts About the Penis!

Excerpt #1 Introduction:

“A Stiff Look at the Little Critter!”

The penis was created to assist woman in making children. Not just as a biological tool to make Whoopee!

But the stiff little thingy constantly gets caught off track or should I say derailed chasing tail.

You see, it can just rise up without warning in many people. Causing the carrier to go after many people. And if the penis is used with the wrong person, it can be bad. You can get a disease or worse yet, “LOL , Go to Hell!”

(Cute Judy Lee…)

To be continued …………

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Comfort for Hard Times!

If only life would go smoothly. It seems there are always sad and difficult moments. And you can never really be sure of anyone’s love and devotion.

But if we love and trust in God (and Jesus), we can get through the sad and heart-broken times!

Amen πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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Through the Lonely Times

We go through good times in life. But we, also, have rough, sad times.

I always walk with Jesus Christ in my heart. He guides me through the good and bad times!

Life can get very difficult. But Jesus helps me through everything.

If we keep faith in Jesus, he will help us get through life’s problems.

Jesus is Love!

He will be by your side through thick and thin!

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Walk in Deep Faith!

We have so many things that happen to us in our life.

But we have to love each other and stand by each other.

We should try to spread joy and happiness.

Support our loved ones and laugh with each other.

Have fun and have many deep talks.

Be there for each other … walking, even running, in deep faith and love!

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The Walk of Love!

Everyone is important. They are different in their own special way. We can help each other in many ways. Yes, we can support each other.

Every person has a very special purpose. We have to be there for each other, always!

Life does get very difficult at times. That’s when we have to be there for God’s purpose.

I can’t walk good at all. But I can love people deeply!

Love Always,


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The Lonely, Sad Boy!

This boy was very lonely. His parents did not give him much love and attention. So he had to play alone by himself most of the time.

He had a brother and a sister. They were older than him. And they also ignored him most of the time.

He wanted to make new friends when he went to the park to play. His parents went with him and watched him play and stayed with him. Still, he tried very hard to be happy.

He was a wonderful boy. A wonderful boy trying to be happy. Trying to have friends. Trying very hard in school to be perfect.

He wanted a wonderful life because he really liked people. Because his parents were not always nice to him, he became interested in the people he met in his town.

But eventually, the little boy prayed and somehow found Jesus. Who walked with him and became his very dear close friend for the rest of his life.